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Ghostbusters (2016)

His Review:

When several paranormal events begin to manifest in Manhattan, 4 women join together to start a business in order to rid the city of these abominations.  32 years after the original Ghostbusters hit theaters, Paul Feig and an all female cast decided to tackle the world and, even with heavy backlash, have released this new reboot into the franchise.  Yes, many of the original cast return for small cameos as random characters, but it is the comedy and quirkiness of the 4 ladies that steal the show.

As you can tell from my opening, this movie is pretty good.  Understand this, this movie is NOT better than the original Ghostbusters for many reasons, however, I do think it is better than the 2nd.  When they took on the massive challenge of rebooting Ghostbusters, Paul Feig knew he had to do this movie right, and for the most part, he did.  The movie has a decent story, funny ladies that add personality to their characters, great special effects and some semi-memorable moments.  I think Chris Hemsworth even adds to the overall feel as well.

I think this movie HAD to pay homage to the original or else it would separate itself from the greatness that is that film, but just like the middle child entering a school popularized by his older brother, this Ghostbusters wasn’t going to make a splash big enough to make people love it more than the original, and that I think is the biggest downfall of this movie.  It isn’t the original.  Period.

Here is where this movie shines and will be loved – women and younger audiences.  This movie welcomes women to come in flocks like they might do with a raunchy chick flick like Bridesmaids, but this movie adds action and slime!  Younger audiences are going to love this because this will be THEIR generations heroes like we had Venkman, Stantz, Spengler and Zeddmore.  The men who love the Ghostbusters will probably end up appreciating this movie if they want to (and will actually see it), but the ones who hate on this will only do so because they “messed with a classic.”  I have Ghostbusters in my top 20 of all time and I still say to give this one a shot!

The 1 things I would have changed about this movie that kept me from “loving” it instead of “liking” it is the ending.  Ok, I give them credit for giving us something memorable like the original, but did they have to pretty much copy the original with the giant white ghost?  I actually liked the idea of them fighting their logo ghost, but not in the form of Oggie-Boogy meets the Marshmallow man!  Why couldn’t he have stayed white with an innocent look?  Did he really need those teeth?  Other than the major changes I would have made to the final big-baddie, I didn’t understand the 3 minutes of corny storyline when Abby and Erin go through the portal with the ghost.  It seemed extra, pointless and sloppy.  I would have taken that part out and extended the fight with the ghost into something more grand!

At the end of the day, this Ghostbusters movie pays respect to the original film while making it into something all its own.  The characters feel at home and the special effects (obviously) are much better!  For those people actively avoiding this film because of its heritage, then you are missing out on something pretty good.  This obviously won’t change anyone’s mind that the original is still superior but if this becomes a new franchise, then I could see some good things coming from this reboot.  Starring Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, Chris Hemsworth, Andy Garcia, Michael K. Williams, Matt Walsh, Charles Dance, Nathan Corddry, Karan Soni, Neil Casey, Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd, Erine Hudson and Annie Potts.

7/10 Stars – Obviously no where near the greatness of the original, this reboot gives us quirky characters, good special effects and something a new generation can love.


Her Review:

Ghostbusters is one of those classic films that everyone needs to see…the original.  I think this reboot of the series has the chance of being that for a new generation; particularly for the female younger generation.  It has been a while since I watched the original justice.  It plays fun with the past in a respectful way that die hard fans of the original can appreciate.  What is great about the new Ghostbusters is the new ghost fighting cast.  Not to show my feminist side but I have to say an all girl ghost butt kicking team is pretty great.  Not to mention it is extremely smart of the studio!  By choosing some of the tops female comedians the casting agents and studio put together not only a great team of actresses but one that was relatable to a whole new subset of people who probably wouldn’t be as interested if it weren’t for the all female cast.  Probably not a forethought but it still does the trick.  Wiig, McCarthy, McKinnon and Jones have a lot to offer the the Ghostbusters world and I hope they continue the series reboot.

7/10 Stars – A new version of a classic tailored to a more modern audience.


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