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Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (2015)

His Review:

Impossible Missions Force (IMF) Agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is convinced there is a secret organization known as The Syndicate whose sole reason for existing is to rise to power through means of terrorism.  However, when CIA Director Hunley (Alec Baldwin) shuts down the IMF, Hunt is left on his own to track down the identity of the Syndicate.  It doesn’t take long before Hunt needs the other members of his team, Benji (Simon Pegg), Brandt (Jeremy Renner) and Luther (Ving Rhames), along with Syndicate spy and British Intelligence Agent Ilsa Faust (Rebecca Furguson), to track down and take out the leader of the Syndicate, Solomon Lane (Sean Harris).

Rogue Nation is the 5th installment of the Mission Impossible franchise and I must say that this series ages like fine wine.  It seems that with each passing installment they only get better and better!  I remember after Ghost Protocol that everyone raved how this series wasn’t dead, and Rogue Nation goes one step further to let audiences know that like the Fast and the Furious franchise, Mission Impossible is gold and it isn’t going anywhere!

From start to finish, it seemed like Rogue Nation never let up.  From action scenes that extended into one another seamlessly to intense stand-offs with witty dialogue, Rogue Nation will keep your attention from opening scene to close.  The same likable cast is back to offer the same charm and fun that we have seen from previous installments, while at the same time, adding a new face.  Ilsa Faust is a fickle addition to the IMF team since no one can tell who she is working for.  Is she actually someone who Ethan can trust?  Is she working for the British or for the Syndicate?  Does she actually want Ethan dead?  Who really knows except for her!

While I’m talking about the cast, I can’t leave out the great Tom Cruise with the stunts and charm he brings.  Audiences around the world have come to expect this kind of entertainment from Mr. Cruise, but his movies are always a spectacle to watch and Rogue Nation is no exception.  I was glad to see the whole IMF team back and be as fun as they always are.  Even the addition of Alec Baldwin as CIA Director Hunley is perfect!  He just adds power to any character he portrays and it works!

Sean Harris plays a bond-like villain as leader of the Syndicate Solomon Lane.  The whole time I was watching the movie, the competition between Hunt and Lane reminded me of something out of a James Bond movie.  There is a cat and mouse game between the two that often uses Ilsa as bait and it works brilliantly.  Actually, if I think about it further, Ethan Hunt and Solomon Lane are Sherlock Holmes and Professor Moriarty.  Each are equally matched and you always think the other has the upper hand.  It’s a chess match to enjoy!

At the end of the day, Rogue Nation took the Mission Impossible franchise and made it that much better.  After 5 movies, you never know if a good thing has run its course or not, and I can tell you 100% Mission Impossible has not!  I can’t see anyone not enjoying this movie with the amount of wit, charm, humor, chemistry and action it provides with ease.  I can honestly say that I haven’t been entertained in a movie like this for some time.  I usually have a quirky/funny closing line to end my reviews.  I’ll just leave you with this… Mission Impossible Rogue Nation is the first 10 I’ve given in about 3 years and it is easily going in my Top 100 of all time.  Co-starring Simon McBurney, Zhang Jingchu, Jens Hulten, and Tom Hollander.

10/10 Stars – One of the best witty, action-packed movies I’ve seen in a long time.  Tom Cruise keeps Mission Impossible at the top of its game!


Her Review:

I have to say I have never been die hard fan of the Mission Impossible series.  Most have been decent movies but nothing that really stood out for me.  Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation however does the trick.  This long awaited movie in the long lived series, kicks things into high gear with a worthy adversary for Ethan Hunt and a counter part that is female to boot.   Not mention the killer story with kick butt action.

I agree with “his review” in that Rogue Nation felt very Bond like.  Maybe that is why I liked this movie more than any previous because I am a die hard James Bond fan.  Still it wasn’t Bond and yet had little nuances the whole way through that really built up the characters and the story for me.  All those little things add up to a story that is intricate, engaging and packs a hell of a punch for and ending.  Don’t worry I am not going to give it away.  And if that weren’t enough there is a sub-plot involving Ilsa and Ethan that is akin to but not quite a love story.  Better still Ilsa is in every way Ethan’s equal so thats a boon for feminism in what is typically a male dominated genre.

When the film was all said and done, with sadly nothing in the credits (I am spoiled from Marvel), I thought to myself hey I would like to watch that again.  It wasn’t quite as awesomely wonderful as Star Trek which I gave a 10 so I have give Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation a 9 but don’t take that a sign of fault because I really couldn’t find any fault with it.  It was simply a great movie.

9/10 Stars – Funny, awesome action and a surprisingly good reboot to the Mission Impossible Series.

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