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Spectre (2015)

Her Review:

James Bond was never one to follow the rules, so when he receives a cryptic message from someone in his past he heads off on a rogue mission that begins in Mexico City and eventually leads him to South Africa.  Bond crashes a secret meeting of the world’s most sinister organization known as Spectre.  While Bond is on his man hunt for the leader of Spectre back home in London things are getting shaken and stirred.  M questions Bond’s tactics, MI5 is merged with MI6 and the whole 007 program is in jeopardy.  To complete his mission James Bond must go against M and country.  But he needs a help and he finds it in Madeleine Swann, the daughter of his former nemesis Mr. White.  She understands Bond as no one ever has and helps him fight through one of his toughest missions yet.  Starring Daniel Craig, Christoph Waltz, Lea Seydoux, Ralph Fiennes, Monica Bellucci, Ben Whishaw, Naomie Harris, Dave Bautista, Andrew Scott, Rory Kinnear, Jesper Christensen, Alessandro Cremona.

Spectre is latest installation in a long running series of films that have some definite ups and downs. Unfortunately for Bond, Spectre is very nearly one of the downs saved only by its supporting characters and a few explosive scenes.  I have seen every single Bond film….more than a few times.  Needless to say I am a fan.  From that perspective I was excited for Spectre which revives one of the biggest villains that Bond ever faced.  I won’t spoil and anything but obviously if you know anything about Spectre you will know who I am referring to.  Played by Christoph Waltz he isn’t so much scary as he is sinister and devious.  Waltz suffices as a villain but doesn’t wow me.  I do think he does a nice play on the original character that fans will appreciate.

The problem with Spectre isn’t its villain it’s that the film feels overstuffed and overworked.  I know this is Craig’s last Bond film and they obviously need to find an out for him as the character BUT that didn’t need to be the focus of the film.  Like Skyfall, Spectre attempts to offer us more insight into Bond as a character – his background etc.  You certainly get that info but its done in a way that doesn’t make sense and feels truncated with holes in the story.

The 24th film in this iconic series offers fans and casual movie goers decent action and an attempt at a story but it just can’t live up to the build up that Skyfall began.  Sadly Daniel Craig doesn’t go out of his role as Bond with Bang but like a thud.  Worth the watch because it isn’t a bad movie if you take it outside of itself but in comparison to the other Bond films and as part of the genre as a whole it just didn’t live up to expectations.

7/10 Stars – Slightly disappointing after Skyfall but it still has elements that please and entertain.


His Review:

As I’ve said in many of my bond reviews in the past, I am by no means a “Bond fan.”  I enjoy the Bond films as I would enjoy any other action film, however, I grew up watching Brosnan as Bond and I like the flashy and charismatic hero over Daniel Craig’s Bond.  That isn’t to say I don’t like his portrayal, I just wanted to say where I’m coming from.  Having said that, Casino Royale and Skyfall are the 2 Daniel Craig Bond films that everything else he does will be compared to, and Spectre falls flat… and by flat, I mean boring!

Other than the portrayal of Bond himself, the other aspect of every Bond film that is analyzed is the villain and when I heard that Christoph Waltz was the baddie, I was excited.  However, someone forgot to put him in the movie!!!  He is only in the movie for approximately the last 30 minutes!  Seriously!  Why didn’t they have Bond going head to head with the villain the whole time like they had Ethan Hunt do in Rogue Nation?  There is another villain too that is named Mr. Hinx played by Dave Bautista who has a feel of Oddjob or Jaws, however, he is in like 3 scenes and is virtually pointless!  He could have been so much more than a stupid thuggish killer, but they throw him away and he disappears.  Blah!  Where the heck is the mastermind!?!?  Where is the worthy bad guy that pushes Bond to his limits?!?!

Addressing what I said at the beginning about the movie being boring, it is mainly because the villains are absent throughout most of the movie, and due to this fact, there is too much talking!  There is not enough action compared what is expected from a Bond film and the screen time is filled with dialogue surrounding the past films.  Big freaking deal!  Where are the cool gadgets?  Where is the espionage?  Why does Bond have to steal the BMW that is meant for 009?  Where are the iconic Bond girls?  Where is essence of Bond?  Ahhh!  The more and more I sat watching this movie, the more it felt like I was watching a dumbed down version of Bourne.  It really was not that impressive and I even dozed off midway though for several minutes.  Seriously…

Don’t get me wrong, this movie wasn’t horrible, but in terms of Bond expectation, Spectre is on the low end.  It has some action, and some interesting parts, but this one is completely missable, and it is evident that Daniel Craig is done as James Bond.  I need Bond to return as the suave and high-tech ladies man we all once knew. 

5/10 Stars – Craig’s last outing as Bond is missing all the famous Bond elements; a good villain, action, Bond girls and gadgets galore. 


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