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Top 25 Movies of 2013

With our 2nd year in the books, we are learning a lot on how to be critics.  Is a movie entertaining enough?  Is the movie necessary?  Does it have too much fluff?  Is the story original or does it lack one all together?  At the end of the day, we just want to sit back and watch something we can love and enjoy, but most of all, entertain!  2013 might not have been anywhere close to what greatness came from 2012 (in terms of award winning films), but there were a few that turned our heads.  Now for the first time… OUR BEST MOVIES OF 2013!

His Top 25 Movies of 2013

 25.  This is the End

Hilarious post-apocalyptical movie starring James Franco, Seth Rogan, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel and Craig Robinson as themselves!  Totally Raunchy!  Totally entertaining!

This is the End 110x160


24.  Now You See Me

All star cast that has plenty of charm and class.  This movie didn’t get much love from critics, but I enjoyed the story and it was entertaining from beginning to end!  Loved the ending!

Now You See Me 110x160


23.  You’re Next

A fun and action packed horror film that felt a lot like last years horror surprise, The Cabin in the Woods.  This will scare and entertain even the hardcore fans!

Youre Next 110x160


22.  12 Years a Slave

A genuine artistic journey that showcases the true tale of a free black man who is taken into slavery.  This movie is emotional and at times a little repetitive, but one of the best made movies of the year all around!

12 Years a Slave 110x160


21.  The Place Beyond the Pines

A 3-part drama that has pretty good acting and an interesting story told in a way you don’t see everyday.  It’s only downside is that it was “too safe” and didn’t live up to it’s full potential.

The Place Beyond the Pines 110x160


20.  Side Effects

A well told Steven Soderbergh film that has an all-star cast and a nice twist ending… Too bad I kinda figured it out ahead of time, but that doesn’t detour it from being a quality entertaining watch!

Side Effects 110x160


19.  Olympus Has Fallen

The first of the 2 “White House” movies on the list… This one is more serious and tactical and has less flare, but still entertaining and something good to watch!

Olympus Has Fallen 110x160


18.  The Iceman

The true tale of a family man/hitman who killed over 100 people back in the 1970s.  Michael Shannon does a great acting job even if the rest of the story is a little drab…  still a winner in my book!

The Iceman 110x160


17.  American Hustle

Superbly acted, directed and put together… even though I expected more, coming in at 17 tells you that it still is a quality entertaining film, I just expected it to be in the Top 10…  Not to mention Jennifer Lawrence!

American Hustle 110x160


16.  The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Much improved on the first Hobbit film, the special effects on the river scene might have been weak, but the dragon at the end is excellent!  Totally engaging and continues the story nicely!

Hobbit 110x160


15.  Fast & Furious 6

After 6 movies, these are just getting bigger, faster and more action packed… And I love it!  It’s sad that Paul Walker has left us, but he left us an excellent legacy!  Pure Entertainment!

Fast and Furious 6 110x160


14.  Iron Man 3

Seeing how I loved the first movie and the second was pretty good, Iron Man 3 felt “same old same old.”  However, it’s still Iron Man and this movie is entertaining and fun… it just might not offer anything new…

Iron Man 3 110x160


13.  White House Down

Directed by the guy who did Independence Day, this “White House” attack movie is over-the-top entertainment with plenty of laughs and thrills… the better of the 2 this year!

White House Down 110x160


12.  Evil Dead

Best horror movie of the year… terrifying, quirky, and fun!  I saw the originals and this keeps true to the campy nature but cuts out the cheesy gore and makes you squirm!

Evil Dead 110x160


11.  Frozen

A wonderful Disney feature that has catchy songs, likable characters and a story that I appreciated.  This is a family movie not to be missed!

Frozen 110x160


10.  Thor: The Dark World

Might not be as fun and action packed as the first movie, this darker side of Thor lets Loki steal the show and plays into what the audience wants…  A great addition to the Avenger series!

Thor the dark world 110x160


9.  Mud

In a year that showcased Matthew McConaughey, Mud is a great feature that allows him to shine behind a good supporting cast and story.  However, just like with The Place Beyond the Pines, I wish it offered more, but that doesn’t stop it from being in the Top 10!

Mud 110x160


8.  Rush

A movie that I didn’t expect to like, but Ron Howard took a subject I care little about and made me enjoy it with great story telling and wonderful acting from the 2 leads!

Rush 110x160


7.  Gravity

High Adrenaline from beginning to end!  Something you don’t see everyday that will take you on a ride you will never forget!  Not to mention Sandra Bullock does an amazing job!

Gravity 110x160


6.  Before Midnight

The 3rd Chapter in this series… The 2 love birds have hit reality after being together with kids and they fight just like any married couple does!  It’s wonderful and magical and something we can relate with!

Before Midnight 110x160


5.  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

After the first movie made it to #1 on my Top 25 of 2012, I had high expectations, and even though I felt slightly let down, this movie is very entertaining and continues a story I love!

Hunger Games 110x160


4.  World War Z

Wasn’t sure what to expect when I saw the previews, but after playing The Last of Us on the PS3, WWZ reminded me of a video game and it’s pure zombie entertainment!

World War Z 110x160


3.  Prisoners

A wonderfully acted and told mystery suspense thriller, Prisoners will grip you from beginning to end with a subject matter that isn’t as bad as some might think!  Hugh Jackman shines!

Prisoners 110x160


2.  The Way Way Back

This is my surprise gem of the year!  The Way Way Back is a coming of age story that is charming, funny and joyous!  Anyone age 10-16 should be required to see this movie!  Way to go Sam Rockwell!

The Way Way Back 110x160


1.  Star Trek Into Darkness

I am not a Trekkie, but this is the most entertaining movie I saw this year!  It has action and suspense.  It has likable characters that we already know and like.  It has a sinister villain that we love to hate and it never feels over-the-top.  Pure Entertainment!

Star Trek Into Darkness 110x160




Like with our many reviews, our opinions when it comes to movies that top the charts this year don’t exactly line up.  That however, is part of the fun of reading what we write.  We strive to give you honest feedback on every movie, not from the perspective of a critic but from the perspective of a movie lover and regular joe shmoe movie goer.  Neither of us is right – well except “her” tends to get it right more often 😉 Ultimately you are the judge and we just want to share our thoughts so you have a reliable source that you trust to help you decide what movie to watch tonight!

Her Top 25 Movies of 2013

 25.  Blue Jasmine

Classic Woody Allen, this film was a mental trip that shook my brain up.  The true marvel here was the performance of Cate Blanchett!  No word can do her work justice!  Just fabulous!

Blue Jasmine 110x160


24.  Saving Mr. Banks

Fascinating and full of insight into one of my favorite films of all time, this movie just touched my heart.  Plus, Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson shine!

Saving Mr Banks 110x160


23.  Side Effects

I am sucker for a great ending and Side Effects delivered a nice twist at the end of its story.  Plus Soderbergh delivers his classic style in a truly enjoyable way.  Definitely one of the more intriguing films of the year.

Side Effects 110x160


22.  You’re Next

I am not typically a fan of the horror genre but this one surprised me.  Plus a female lead who kicks ass in a horror film is rare so I have to give it props for that!

Youre Next 110x160


21.  Iron Man 3

I am definitely in the minority for loving this film.  Sure it wasn’t as great as the first one but it was still entertaining, thrilling and fun to watch.  So it met my expectations and continued a series that I am truly enjoying.

Iron Man 3 110x160


20.  Nebraska

This one was a surprise for me!  My family background made it relatable, quirky and funny.  It isn’t a film for everyone but there is a lot to appreciate about this off-the-wall movie.

Nebraska 110x160


19.  12 Years a Slave

Hollywood managed to get the race issue right with this one.  Artistic and emotionally gut wrenching it is hard to watch but somehow you just can’t take your eyes off the screen.

12 Years a Slave 110x160


18.  The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

Not the finest of Jackson’s Tolkein world films but still entertaining none the less.  Action packed and thrilling (even if it is super long) everyone will enjoy this hobbit journey.

Hobbit 110x160


17.  American Hustle

The cast of American Hustle is what gives it the edge.  The story is simple but acted out by the all-star cast it comes to life.  Plus the bang on time period elements are fabulous.

American Hustle 110x160


16.  Captain Phillips

Tom Hanks has never failed to impress me.  Point in case he shows up in two films on my top 25 this year (Saving Mr. Banks is the other).  This harrowing true story shows Hanks at his best.

Captain Phillips 110x160


15.  The Iceman

Surprising and disturbing are two words I would use to describe this one.  Michael Shannon portrays a ruthless hit man/family man and his performance will chill you to the bone.

The Iceman 110x160


14.  World War Z

With a year featuring many zombie themed films, WWZ stood out above the rest.  Brad Pitt was impressive and the story while somewhat incomplete feeling was still out of the box compared to the rest.

World War Z 110x160


13.  Olympus Has Fallen

Opposite of my husband, I feel this was the better of the two white house destruction movies this year.  They were both entertaining but this one felt fresh and offered something new.

Olympus Has Fallen 110x160


12.  Enough Said

As his last performance, James Gandolfini offers something real and relatable.  Enough Said tells the story of a real feeling relationship, quirks and all.  I enjoyed every minute of this quieter 2013 film.

Enough Said 110x160


11.  Mud

Matthew McCounaughey is afforded the perfect platform to shine in Mud.  With the feel of a Mark Twain novel the fairy tale like feel masks a disturbing undercurrent making this a deeper film.

Mud 110x160


10.  Rush

I was surprised that this one cracked my top 10 films of the year.  The need for speed feel was nothing compared to the frenemies relationship played brilliantly by Daniel Brühl and Chris Hemsworth.

Rush 110x160


9.  Fast & Furious 6

Okay, so two car related movies in my top 10…I know, but this series has always been a favorite of mine.  Even this being the 6th one it is still action packed and extremely entertaining.  RIP Paul Walker, you left a legacy that is will always be considered great!

Fast and Furious 6 110x160


8.  The Spectacular Now

Coming of Age was a theme of more than a few movies this year.  This one might not have been the best but it comes in high on my list for its sweet nature and fresh faces.

The Spectacular Now 110x160


7.  Gravity

This movie gave me an ulcer it was so packed with tension and drama.  And it was only 90 minutes long!  Definitely a rare jewel of a film.

Gravity 110x160


6.  Before Midnight

The third in a series about this love struck couple, this is my favorite of the three.  Reality is the perfect description for what Before Midnight has to offer.  Every married couple can relate.  It is simply magical!

Before Midnight 110x160


5.  The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Despite the feeling that it didn’t live up to the character and story development of the book, The Hunger Games was still one of the most entertaining films I saw this year.  It left me “hungry” for film three!

Hunger Games 110x160


4.  Prisoners

This is mystery suspense thriller stressed me out…in a good way.  The story is not for the faint of heart considering its about two kidnapped little girls and multiple murders.  Hugh Jackman deserves an Oscar for living through this fictional drama!

Prisoners 110x160


3.  The Way Way Back

I agree with my husband that is the surprise gem of the year!  I am in love with this movie.  It was sweet, funny and just fun to watch.  It is a great film for your young coming of age kid and will not fail to touch your adult ‘hardened’ heart!

The Way Way Back 110x160


2.  Frozen

Disney was beginning to worry me that they couldn’t put out a successful film without the Pixar name attached. Frozen proves that wrong.  It harkens back to the Disney films of old with great songs, a touching story and just a guaranteed fun time for any age.

Frozen 110x160


1.  Star Trek Into Darkness

This Trekkie was more than pleased with the second installment of the re-envisioning of Star Trek.  Such an adrenaline rush with a villain that a fan will know and love to hate, and a newbie can appreciate!  I can’t watch this film enough and am only disappointed that JJ Abrams will not be directing the next one!

Star Trek Into Darkness 110x160


4 Comments on “Top 25 Movies of 2013

  1. Ha. I just read your top 2013. By coincidence I watched Star Trek at my New Year’s Eve Party. It was my favorite this year. However, I must say THE BOOK THIEF needs an honorary mention.

    • I think Book Thief might make my honorable mention list but there are a few others that I would put before it. -“Her” of Reel and Unscripted

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