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Top 25 Movies of 2014

His Top 25 Movies of 2014

 25. John Wick

A pure action from beginning to end that doesn’t let up.  It might have been higher on the list if it wasn’t for a one-dimensional story that we’ve seen before.

John Wick

24.  Non-stop

Another guilty pleasure, Liam Neeson doing his thing on a plane where everyone suspects him of hijacking.  Suspenseful and engaging.  Only the ending holds this movie down in the 20’s

Non stop

23.  St. Vincent

Bill Murray doing drama isn’t for everyone, but this typical story of an old person bonding with a young child is charming and special.  Murray’s acting is solid!

st vincent

22.  My Old Lady

An unexpected gem that got better and more complex with each passing scene.  Kevin Kline and Maggie Smith are great!

my old lady

21.  X-Men: Days of Futures Past

Even though my expectations were super high, this new installment is a quality and entertaining film, but it could have been much better and much higher!


20.  The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wes Anderson creates another fun, quirky, and strange film that is charming, funny and artistic.  Not to mention it is a mystery.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

19.  Top Five

Another movie where the main character parallels the actor who plays him, Chris Rock makes a great film about change that is charming and heartfelt.

Top Five

18.  22 Jump Street

More of the same craziness as the first movie!  This one is a little bit more annoying, but it sure is funny!  They can keep making more in this franchise.

22 jump street

17.  The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Just as expected by Peter Jackson in Middle-earth, the conclusion to the Hobbit is fun and full of action.  It is just a 2+ hour battle, but it sure is entertaining.


16.  The Rover

I described this as a Scorsese western that is neither a Scorsese film nor a western.  Guy Pearce is a man on a mission and the ending made it all the better.

The Rover

15.  The Expendables 3

This pick is a total guilty pleasure as it is full of action and fun.  Mel Gibson’s deranged villain elevates this one higher than the ones before.

Expendables 3

14.  Snowpiercer

Strange and unique film that is both action packed and gritty.  A nice surprise sleeper of the year!


13.  American Sniper

A realistic look at an American Hero.  Bradley Cooper is superb and Clint Eastwood does a great job honoring Chris Kyle.

American Sniper

12.  Godzilla

Some people might hate how much story there was with very little Godzilla, but this movie set up a great ending that had me cheering and wanting more!  Exactly what the director wanted!


11.  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

The sequel to Rise, now that the Apes are free and living in peace, Dawn is more savage and shows the humans as weak and helpless.  More drama and action than the first, a glimpse to the future!

dawn of planet of the apes

10.  Edge of Tomorrow

Tom Cruise doing sci-fi action… Need I say more?  As the tagline states:  Live.Die.Repeat.

Edge of Tomorrow

9.  How to Train Your Dragon 2

More adult than the first, this time around Hiccup and Toothless test their loyalty to each other.  This one still has the same charm and great animation, but the kid gloves are off.

Dragon 2

8.  The Book of Life

A great colorful story that is great for the whole family.  It covers a subject we don’t see much in the movies and teaches life lessons to all ages!

book of life

7.  The Drop

The Drop is a surprise slow burn thriller that grabbed my attention and shocked me.  This is the last on-screen role for James Gandolfini and Tom Hardy is great.  P.S. The dog lives!

the drop

6.  Chef

With much the same feel as The Way Way Back from last year, Chef is funny, heartfelt and charming.  It is something parents and teens should watch together.  Great for bonding!


5.  Boyhood

The most unique movie I’ve ever seen.  Period!  When I saw this I knew instantly it would be an Oscar film!  This should be a film parents with teenagers watch together.


4.  Birdman

This is where the critic in me is proud.  An Oscar movie this high!  I loved the quirky nature of the story, characters and dialogue.  I also love the parallels to Michael Keaton’s career.


3.  The Lego Movie

Everything is AWESOME!  This movie is colorful, charming and heartfelt with one of the best surprise endings of the year!  A must see for the family!

The Lego Movie

2.  Captain America: Winter Soldier

Finally a superhero movie that provokes some thought!  Plenty of action and includes more characters than the first.  Love the mystery!

Captain America

1.  The Guardians of the Galaxy

My favorite of the year.  Marvel superheroes with plenty of color, action and spunk.  You can’t go wrong with this group of misfits!

Guardians of the Galaxy

Her Top 25 Movies of 2014

 25.  Gone Girl

Truly disturbing and deceptive, Gone Girl is an in your face drama that is provocative making you either love or hate it.

Gone Girl

24.  Interstellar

It will make your head hurt but as a Star Trek geek and a science fan I appreciated the science behind Interstellar.  Only reason it barely makes the list is its length.  Definitely could use some editing.


23. The Imitation Game

History is often too dry when it hits the big screen but The Imitation Game breaths life into history.  Alan Turing’s story is compelling and Cumberbatch is tailor-made for the role.

The Imitation Game

22.  The Book of Life

Some better animated films this year but this one had all the color and beauty plus some nice lessons for the family.  Plus its rare to get a film of this style featuring a different culture.

book of life

21.  Edge of Tomorrow

Live.Die.Repeat.  Tom Cruise in sci-fi action is perfection here and the repeat part surprisingly never got repetitive.  Nicely done and definitely entertaining.

Edge of Tomorrow

20.  Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

The story was a little flat but somehow it still proved to be a few hours of solid entertainment thanks to some great character acting and decent effects.

dawn of planet of the apes

19.  Calvary

Surprisingly funny and packed with irony, Calvary left me a bit bewildered but in a good way.  Plus it begs the questions why do all the crazy people always live in small towns?


18.  The Grand Budapest Hotel

Wacky and out of the box The Grand Budapest Hotel might not be a place a want to stay but it certainly was a movie that I would watch again.

The Grand Budapest Hotel

17.  Godzilla

A lack luster story but fabulous effects and an awesome Godzilla who impresses in the end make this a worthy action film for the 2014 top 25 list.


16.  The Fault in Our Stars

I used a lot of tissues watching this film but it was worth it.  The story is beautiful and touching and not at all your typical sap story.  There was depth here that came from the heart.

the fault in our stars

15.  American Sniper

Brilliant acting brings this true story to the big screen in a major way.  The whole film is done with great respect for an American Hero.

American Sniper

14.  John Wick

This action junky was thrilled with John Wick.  It is non-stop action…after you get past the depressing beginning.  Only thing that would have made it better was an actual plot.

John Wick

13.  Snowpiercer

Strange is the perfect word to describe Snowpiercer, but in a way that offered a unique story and a few twists.  And I love a good plot twist in a film.


12.  The Drop

The Drop was another unexpected sleeper film for me this year.  It started a bit slow but as the story develops it blossoms into a true thriller that has plenty of shock value to satisfy any film goer.

the drop

11.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Cowabunga!  Fast paced, silly and tons of fun this is a great start to the rebooting of a much beloved franchise.


10.  Captain America: Winter Soldier

Darker than the other super hero films that have graced the screen this one has a solid story and a little bit of mystery giving it a wider appeal than you might expect.

Captain America

9.  Pride

One of the surprise films of the year for me.  Based on true events the story is compelling and the characters are relatable.


8.  How to Train Your Dragon 2

Not quite as fantastic as the first film this one still finds the necessary charm to worm its way into your heart.  Plus the animation is top-notch.  Can someone get me a toothless please?

Dragon 2

7.  Big Hero 6

Baymax is a big teddy bear and who can resist a big teddy bear who is there to make you feel better.  A feel good movie that is colorful and fun and perfect for the kiddos.

Big hero 6

6.  The Lego Movie

Full of surprised, everything is AWESOME with The Lego Movie.  The unexpected ending sealed this film’s slot in my top 25 before I even saw any other movies.

The Lego Movie

5.  Boyhood

Created specifically to for the award season, Boyhood is one of the most unique films not just of 2014 but in general.  Knowing how it was made and watching it develop was a beautiful journey.


4.  Chef

Chef is full of so much heart and life I found it completely irresistible.  It is the perfect film from 2014 for families to watch together.


3.  Birdman

Unexpected and strange, Birdman impressed me both with the acting and story.  A dark horse type of film I couldn’t resist loving it.


2.  X-Men Days of Future Past

Packed with impressive effects, totally cool action scenes and an interesting story I was wholly entertained from start to finish by the latest X-Men installment.


1.  The Guardians of the Galaxy

A group of anti-heroes who end up becoming the heroes unexpectedly.  Full of life, color and loads of humor there isn’t anything not to love about this film.

Guardians of the Galaxy

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