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Top 25 Movies of 2016

His Top 25 Movies of 2016

Since I started doing this list back in 2012, there hasn’t been a year that has been as disappointing as 2016.  Out of the approximate 150 movies I saw, I gave only a single 9 rating and 13 ratings of 8.  That isn’t to say that the list here of my Top 25 movies are bad, but I didn’t have to think too much about what deserved to be here and what will be forgotten about.  If you click the name of the movie, it will take you to the review.

 25.  Hell or High Water

This movie about 2 brothers robbing banks is realistic, gritty and free from Hollywood’s grasp.  The ending will leave you wanting more!

24.  Lion

A young boy’s inspirational journey that changed his life forever.  Uplifting, emotional and special!

23.  Dr. Strange

Probably my least favorite Marvel movie that still has plenty of charm, colorful characters and comedy.  I just didn’t like the fact that it is another origins story.

22.  Patriots Day

A patriotic movie about a disastrous day in American History that is full of action, drama and suspense.  It is both educational and entertaining, and full of well-known faces.

21.  Arrival

Very scientific and real, Arrival might seem like it doesn’t have much depth as we teach Aliens our language, but towards the end, it will have you thinking.

20.  Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children

Tim Burton adds his flair to a movie about reject children with special powers living in a time loop from the 1940s.  Samuel L. Jackson is great as the villain and reminds me of Beetlejuice or Edward Scissorhands.

19. The Shallows

The story might be thin as paper, but the tension and thrills provided by this movie will please any fan of horror/suspense.

18.  Finding Dory

Seeing the return of Nemo and friends, Finding Dory sure is quirky and crazy, but it works.  It is fun, fresh and is the best Pixar movie I’ve seen in a long time.

17.  Amanda Knox

I took a shot with a Netflix original documentary on the Amanda Knox murder case and boy was it good.  It is educational, informative and stars the real people involved in the case.  Strongly recommended for mystery fans!

16.  Bridget Jones’s Baby

Always a character I loved, Bridget Jones’s Baby adds a fresh new direction for the character, even if Renee Zellweger looks different and Hugh Grant is missing.

15.  Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

Still not as crisp as I’d like from the turtles, but with the animated series fan favorites being included, I was pleased with how things shaped up.  It felt like I was watching the show again!

14.  Green Room

A rare tense horror flick that is based on the idea that being trapped in a room is scary when the people outside the door want to kill you.

13.  Miss Sloane

A political drama that has some courtroom elements, Jessica Chastain delivers a great performance that will knock your socks off.  Biggest surprise for me this year!

12.  La La Land

The “Oscar darling,” La La Land not only gets better as the movie progresses, but the stars can sing, dance and have wonderful chemistry together.  The ending is one to remember.

11.  Sully

Without Tom Hanks and the direction of Clint Eastwood, Sully might be suited more for a documentary, but these two men take a story of bravery and elevate it to a new level.

10.  10 Cloverfield Lane

In the same vein as Misery, 10 Cloverfield Lane sees John Goodman play a control freak who has taken 2 people “captive” in his fallout shelter, which causes plenty of tension and intense moments!

9.  Star Wars: Rogue One

It is a Star Wars movie so you know it is going to be visually stunning and have a simple yet engaging story.  I just felt that it didn’t make sense to make 1 movie that can’t be expanded upon.

8.  Passengers

I don’t care what the overall consensus is, this movie is beautiful, charming and will stir plenty of emotions inside you.  Plus did I mention Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence?

7.  Eye in the Sky

Tense, nail-biting and gripping.  They take a simple idea, run with it for 2 hours, and it works!  Not to mention this was Alan Rickman’s last movie.

6.  Moana

There are some minor things I didn’t care for, but the animation and adventure is fun and quirky and offers a story we don’t usually see.

5.  Kubo and the Two Strings

Talk about a unique and special movie.  Made by the same people who did The Boxtrolls and Coraline, Kubo is well told and animated beautifully.  Hard to explain, but worth the watch… or two.

4.  Deadpool

Marvel superhero with a potty mouth, Deadpool sees Ryan Reynolds taken off his leash with great action, comedy and characters.

3.  Star Trek: Beyond

Might have been the simplest Star Trek yet, the battle scenes and the setting make up for it with a great space adventure!

2.  Captain America: Civil War

Basically The Avengers 3, everyone is back to fight each other due to Captain America’s mistake.  Plenty of Marvel action and comedy that will please everyone!

1.  Zootopia

Contemplating making this a 10, Zootopia is my only 9/10 for 2016.  It has great animation, wonderful characters and plenty of comedy and quotable lines.  The story is well written and has a mystery aspect that both adults and children will love!  Did I mention I watch this almost everyday due to my 2 year old?  Bunny!  Nick!


Her Top 10 Movies of 2016

*Disclaimer: I didn’t see many movies this year!  Life has just gotten in the way. But here are some of my favorites that I saw and either loved or enjoyed.  To be honest a lot of movies I didn’t see because “His” review made it seem like it wasn’t worth time away from my little girl.

10. Love & Friendship

Probably one of the last books by Jane Austen to be made into a movie, this one is a classic period drama with a little added flair and humor.  The acting is suitable, characters well developed and if you are fan of this genre it is definitely one to add to your list to watch.

9. Florence Foster Jenkins

Based on the life of the real person Streep and Grant bring these real people to life again.  Their performances are what makes the film so fantastic.  Don’t get me wrong the story is decent but without the two strong leads there isn’t much there to wow and inspire.

8. Finding Dory

This long overdue sequel gives us the long awaited back story about Dory and why she was lost and alone when Marlin bumped into her.  It lives up to expectations.  It is adorable, fun and has all the same lovable characters plus more.

7. La La Land

Considered to be one of the best films of the year and begging for big time awards La La Land is out of the box and fun.   The stars do well with all their singing and dancing and it all blends into a great story about love, chance and what if.

6. Moana

Disney’s next attempt at another film in its beloved classic line.  It definitely fits the bill.  The animation is absolutely fantastic and the story is beautiful.  The only downside is that the songs aren’t as great as the past Disney classics.

5. Captain America: Civil War

Like the other Captain America films this one strikes the perfect balance between action and plot. You get all the characters and their quirks that you have come to love and much much more.

4. Star Wars: Rogue One

This continuation of the Star Wars Saga fills in the back story to how the rebels knew when and where to attack the death star.  It has completely new characters, with a few older ones brought in via CG to support.  The story is strong, acting is great, action is on par with the rest of the films.  Another strong addition to the Star Wars family.  So far so good.

3. Zootopia

Aside from the fact that I have to watch this movie almost daily because my little girl loves it so much, I do believe that this is a fantastic animation with great characters, a beautiful story and tons of humor.  A must see no matter how old you are.

2. Deadpool

The black sheep of the super hero world Deadpool is actually quite refreshing when compared to the goody two shoes of Captain America etc.  It is crass, silly, action packed and every second of it is exciting and interesting.  Just don’t watch this one with the kids in the room.

1. Star Trek Beyond

I am never to be trusted when it comes to my opinion on Star Trek movies because I am completely biased and absolutely love them all but this one adds a human level to the series that is welcome.  While it might not be what people expected it is face paced, has all the great humor and action you could ask for.

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